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A progressive Metal / Djent band from Gothenburg, Sweden, Trying to pay our gear and studio rent by selling merch since 2014!

Since their Debut Album The Artifact (2014), the swedish progressive metal djentlemen Deceptic have had a good run through Europe, touring all kinds of venues and festivals, with only one goal, which is to grind to git gud, real gud! And now they're back with new music for us to feast on spread all over 2018. with the first single Event Horizon (March 23rd) already streaming steaming hot, Deceptic are now preparing their second single for this year, Erased, which will see the light of day on the 25th of May. Their new portfolio will show you what Deceptic really are capable of, expect an expanded musical palette, where the most fragile things turns rock hard and no boundaries can be found! The year of the Dog is over, the year of Deceptic has begun!